Sharon Pruss, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., MS

Acupuncture in Torrance, CA

Welcome!  In my fifteen years of practice, I have helped many people heal from chronic disease, assisted couples with natural fertility options as well as IVF support, helped many to live free of pain, and treated everything from digestive complaints, burning mouth syndrome, overactive bladder, pregnancy issues, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety, thyroid disease, chronic eye disease, neurological and autoimmune issues.  While I do treat addictions (alcohol, smoking, food), I am only able to help if you truly want to conquer your addiction, which means acupuncture minimum one-two times a week in the beginning and consistently for awhile.  If you can’t make that commitment, then I am not the right practitioner for you, because I cannot guarantee any positive results. I would have to say that patients with the most complex issues find me, and in most cases, I am able to help.

So what makes me unique?  In addition to needles and herbs, I also integrate Functional Medicine and nutrition in my practice.  Many Acupuncturists do not do this, at least the Functional Medicine part, which includes diagnostic lab testing, analyzing bloodwork, and recommending nutrients found in both food and supplements to treat the actual cause of your complaint.  We may look at adrenal/cortisol levels in the case of insomnia, or perform a food sensitivity test for those with inflammation, or choose a gut/stool test for digestive complaints.  I have found that this approach, combined with acupuncture, provides the best of both worlds for my patients.

If you are ready to take charge of your health, I urge you to read through my testimonials and other content, and schedule an appointment!  I provide an initial 10-minute, complimentary phone consult if you have specific questions.

More than Needles: 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapies You Can Do at Home

If you asked the average person how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) keeps you healthy, they would probably answer that it uses acupuncture needles.

That is a good start.

TCM is a complex understanding of how Qi, or life force, affects your health.  Qi flows through meridians passing through points which can be used to regulate and control that flow. 

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The Surprising Truth about Migraine Triggers

How much do you really know about controlling your migraines?

New research suggests you may not know as much as you think.

According to Timothy T. Houle, Ph.D and co-author Dana P. Turner, M.S.P.H., both of the Wake Forest Baptist anesthesiology department, migraine sufferers make inaccurate conclusions about what triggers their migraines.  Houle and Turner conducted a 3-month

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The Secrets of Acupuncture for Children: Getting Kids to Love Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture is great for children.

Children are very responsive to the acupuncture needles and often show great improvement after a treatment.   Acupuncture is fantastic for many childhood illnesses like coughs, fevers, ear infections, bed wetting, digestive issues, colic, allergies, ADD and ADHD.  And more and more research proves that acupuncture is safe for kids.

But many parents worry that their

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