I have been working with patients who want to conceive either using IVF/IUI or natural medicine for the past six years of my twelve years in practice. It is an awesome specialty, as I get to really dive deep into reproductive medicine from both Eastern and Western perspectives. And the joy of helping women to bring a child into this world is unparalleled in my opinion. While IVF has a 26% rate, acupuncture and Chinese medicine has at least a 26% rate of success and some will say even higher.

My program is quite comprehensive in that not only do I use a Chinese medicine approach, but I also combine Functional Medicine, which involves salivary, urine and blood serum testing. The saliva method of testing month-long hormones is invaluable, because it gives you the total picture of your hormone story throughout your cycle, versus a blood test which only indicates where your hormones are on a given day in your cycle. This along with charting your BBT gives me a great picture of where the real issues lie. I also test for genetic mutations such as MTHFR, which can be a frequent cause of miscarriage. We will also address your thyroid, doing a complete thyroid panel, not just test TSH, as well as check for thyroid antibodies (Hashimotos) which may indicate an autoimmune thyroid condition. My program also includes a thorough nutritional consult with food and supplement recommendations. Fertility massage and yoga are adjunct modalities which I love to add in. Naturally we will use Chinese medicine and acupuncture to round off the program.

In addition to female fertility, we also address male factor infertility.

For more about the details of this program, please contact me at 310-621-4553 for a complimentary consult.