Overactive Bladder (The PTNS Protocol)

In my practice I see a great number of women who suffer daily with frequent urination, incomplete urination, a downbearing sensation in the bladder, and other urinary concerns. For some women this greatly interferes with their sleep. My approach is to use a procedure called PTNS, or Peripheral Tibial Nerve Stimulation. This is a series of twelve weekly treatments involving two acupuncture points on each ankle with estim, or small electrodes connected to the needles. The sensation generated is very subtle, like a pulsing sensation. It does not hurt at all and some women barely feel it. The PTNS Protocol has a lot of medical research behind it and is incredibly successful. The majority of women feel great relief and many are set for a long time with no need to continue with medication or seek surgical options or bladder Botox.

For more information about the PTNS Protocol and pricing, please contact me at 310-621-4553.