• Acupuncture
  • Herbal or Nutritional Consult
  • Functional Medicine Consult
  • Functional Medicine Lab Review
  • IVF Support (including day-of-embryo transfer) *
  • Community-Style Acupuncture (on-site at your office)
  • Home Visits

* I will accompany you to your RE’s office to provide pre- and post-transfer acupuncture treatments.


The following are my areas of focus:

Women’s Health & Fertility

Menopause, yeast infections, cysts & fibroids, irregular menses, UTIs, thyroid and other endocrine issues, vertigo, prolapsed or overactive bladder, pregnancy.

General Internal Medicine

Neurological conditions, chronic eye disease (retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma), digestion (IBS, GERD, diverticulitis), autoimmune disorders, cancer support, general colds and flu, allergies.


Fatigue, insomnia, depression (postpartum also), anxiety.


Musculoskeletal, sciatica, migraines, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, menstrual pain, arthritis, TMJ, tendonitis.


Adult and pediatric wellness care, weight loss and detoxification, preventative care, longevity medicine.