Lyme Disease

When I first came to Sharon, I thought my case was too complicated to receive much benefit from acupuncture.   I was wrong!  Sharon has helped me deal with many symptoms of Lyme disease among other things.   I think the biggest thing that has improved is my level of pain.   Acupuncture truly helps with all kinds of pain and often relieves

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IVF Treatments

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Sharon Pruss while undergoing IVF treatments this year.   I heard of Sharon Pruss from my Reproductive Endocrinologist as she has a reputation of being an acupuncture specialist in the field of infertility.   Although I had my reservations about acupuncture, I felt comfortable the first time I met Sharon.   She instilled

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Emotional Balance

You were very helpful to me at time when my life was in almost total upheaval.   Acupuncture was very relaxing and seemed to help balance me out emotionally.   I am sorry to see that you no longer practice in the area!

D.M., Corona


Thank you for releasing my pain.   I had been in the hospital for a week with a migraine.   The only thing the hospital did was give me shots of morphine around the clock.   I came to see you and by the time I left your office, my headache was nearly gone, and after a week, I was able to completely

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