IVF Treatments

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Sharon Pruss while undergoing IVF treatments this year.   I heard of Sharon Pruss from my Reproductive Endocrinologist as she has a reputation of being an acupuncture specialist in the field of infertility.   Although I had my reservations about acupuncture, I felt comfortable the first time I met Sharon.   She instilled a sense of confidence not only of acupuncture, but of the entire infertility process.   She is easy to talk to and her experience shines through her interactions with her patients.   Being a physician myself, I know this is a quality that cannot be learned, but that it takes an outstanding personality mixed with years of experience to accomplish.   It is also important to note that Sharon is extremely professional and caring.   She has even called me to just “check in” between my appointments with her.   I, without reservation, would recommend Sharon Pruss to any patients that need or are willing to explore the field of acupuncture.

Thank you,
H.S., Rancho Cucamonga